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Cam Walker Fracture Boot Walking Air Cast Medical Boot

Choose the Cam Walker Walking Cast Fracture Boot that's best for you.

Cam Walkers (also known as, Fracture Boots, Air Cast, Cam Boot, Foot braces, Ankle Boot, Ankle Walker, Ortho Boots and a variety of other names) differ in 2 ways,  non-inflated, or by having an adjustable bladder for inflation of the boot.   Medical boots can also be fixed at the ankle or allowed to have a range of motion.  You can see this below in the following fracture boot images.  The first two are fixed at the ankle and the third has a dial you can adjust to allow the ankle a range of motion.  (We ship international)

Cam Walker Fracture Boot
  • This walker provides basic support for all injuries.
  • Foam Liner for ankle or foot protection.
  • Economical in price
  • Available in high and low top
  • Use: All leg, foot, or ankle injuries.
  • Use for little or no swelling
Cam Walker Fracture Boot
Adjustable inflation
  • Provides added support and comfort.
  • Adjustable to swelling patterns during rehab.
  • Premium quality
  • Use: for all leg, ankle or foot injuries.
  • Use for compression to reduce swelling.
Cam Walker
Fracture Boot
ROM Range of Motion
  • Cam walker with adjustable angle to set your ankle at a fixed angle.
  • Setting can allows natural up and down ankle motion.  Or limited ankle movement.
  • Use: All leg, ankle or foot injuries or plantar fasciitis.

3 types of Cam Walkers available to meet your specific needs.

  1. Adjustable inflation(often called Air Cam Walkers) allow the patient to inflate an air bladder to the needed compression for increased stabilization of their injury. Air cast cam walker fracture boots accommodate different swelling patterns that often occur during the recovery process.
  2. Non-inflated- cam walkers have no inflatable bladder, but provide basic support for patients with minor injuries.
  3. ROM (Range-of-Motion)This type of medical cam walker fracture boot allows the angle of the ankle to have a fixed set point or allows a range of movement between a set angle. This type of medical boot provides beyond 90 degrees of flex if needed. It's best to ask your health care provider if the ankle needs to be fixed or allowed to move.
  4. Consider a waterproof cast alternative to the boot.
Cam Walkers also differ by the base of the foot. Some are wide for a comfort fit and some have memory foam to conform to the foot. CAM walker fracture boots are also designed to fit either foot (so there is no need to choose LEFT or RIGHT) and come in HIGH and LOW top depending on your specific needs.

Our Ossur Equalizer Cam Walker is our best seller.

Available in LOW or HIGH top and Non-Inflated or Air

We have 3 Categories of Cam Walker.

Choose by clicking an image below.
Non Inflated Cam Walker
Non-Inflated Cam Walker
  • This walker provides basic support
  • Works for all ankle or foot injury type
  • For use if you have little or no swelling
  • Foam Liner for ankle or foot protection
  • Economical in price

Air Inflation Cam Walker
  • Provides superior support and comfort.
  • Adjustable to swelling patterns during rehab.
  • Premium quality

Range Of Motion Cam Walker
  • Cam walker with adjustable angle.
  • For patients needing ankle at a certain angle.
  • Also a setting for natural up and down ankle movement.
Ovation Medical Gen 2 Short Non Pneumatic Cam Walker
Ovation Medical Gen 2 Short Pneumatic Inflated Walker

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