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Fiberglass Casting Tape

For medical or art/hobby use.

We offer two brands of fiberglass cast tape. Techform Premium is manufactured by Ossur This is their premium version of this brand and not the standard or II. Alto Cast is our private label fiberglass casting tape. Both medical casting tapes are of superior quality and only after using either tape will you be able to find your likes and dislikes between them. We sell these products full cases of 10 rolls, or in 1/2 cases as well as single rolls.
Fiberglass Resin will stick to your fingers.

We apologize, We are currently out of stock on some colors for the AltoCast Brand. We will have them soon in our next shipment. March 2014 We carry other color choices in our Techform brand.

(Try it you'll love it, cost less too!)

Ossur Techform Premium

Order Single Roll

Order Single Roll

Order 1/2 Case, 5ROLLS

Order 1/2 Case, 5ROLLS

Order Case 10ROLLS

Order Case 10ROLLS

ALTOCAST Fiberglass Casting Tape. Premium Tape, Fraction of the cost!
ALTOCAST, made of ideal structure of Fiberglass knitted tape, has multi-directional stretch (length, cross and diagonal way); this makes it easier to wrap and shape the contours of the human body especially bony prominences such as joints, elbows, ankles, heels, etc. without tucking or folding.  ALTOCAST is also an easy to remove casting tape, making it less stressful for the patient during the time of cast removal.

Camouflage Cast Tape

Decorate your cast with Camouflage casting tape. This non-fibreglass polyester casting material combines strength and rigidity with soft edges as you would expect from an excellent non-fibreglass cast. Create a base cast and apply a single roll over the top of your cast or use to create the entire cast. Either way you get a unique looking cast.

Ossur Techform Premium Fiberglass Casting tape
REMEMBER TO WEAR GLOVES! Fiberglass Resin will stick to your fingers.




Always consult with a physician before making a purchase.