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Long Arm Cast Kit
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Price:  $39.99
Fiberglass Tape: 
Cast Padding: 
Fiberglass Long Arm Cast Kit

Fiberglass LAC Cast Kit
3 rolls of 3" & 1 roll of 2" Fiberglass Casting Tape
3 rolls of 3" & 1 roll 2" Cast Padding
36" of 3" White or Black Stocking
3"of 1" Stock (For Thumb) (SEE NOTICE)
2 Pair of Gloves

NOTICE: Carbon does not come in 1" Stockinette,
so your thumb piece will be BLACK.


AltoCast Green or Pink Camouflage Casting Tape.

Tips and tricks for getting the perfect cast with OrthoTape brand fiberglass casting tape.

You will find that OrthoTape fiberglass casting tape has a higher resin content than other casting tapes you may have tried. Often this is a catch-22, the less resin, the less it wants to stick together, the softer the cast. It also wants to unroll too fast and often falls out of your hand during application. The more resin the tape has, the more tacky it becomes, you may have to use different techniques such as unrolling then wrapping to avoid wrapping the cast too tight. Resin content in OrthoTape brand allows the tape to bind better to the other layers giving it the perfect lay down for that last roll on a finished cast. Often you will find some tapes that are loosely rolled or do not have a high resin content, they are less tacky or sticky. When this is the case, we have found that it tends to want to unroll too fast. Sometimes you will find it slips out of your hand and on to the ground and unrolls. That last layer at the end of the cast never wants to bind.

It is this reason we developed a tape with a higher resin content.

Here are some tips to help you roll the perfect cast:

1. Always use cooler water. This will give a slower set time allowing you time to work your magic with our tape.
2. Because it has a higher resin content, you will want to unroll a little bit and then wrap the limb. Unroll then wrap. This will keep you from rolling the cast too tight. But it also helps keep the roll under control rather than falling out of your hand.
3. OrthoTape brand is rolled a little tighter on the roll. Looser brands tend to unroll in the pouch if they are not rolled tightly. With this being the case, you will want to soak OrthoTape fiberglass a little longer in cold water and squeeze it about 3-4 times while dipped in water. This will allow water to flow to the middle and loosen the tape up.
4. During the application and after each roll. Dip your hands in water and rub the cast. This will cause it to bind together better and allow you to smooth out any wrinkles.
5. OrthoTape has a set time of about 4-5 minutes. Cooler water slows that process. Realize that if you open the pouch it will began to become solid due to the humidity in the air. So you have to use it right away.
6. Also at times, during manufacturing or transport. Little pin holes may develop in the packaging. We try very hard to check each roll to make sure they have not already hardened in the pouch. Sometimes they escape our notice. So if you find one, please save it and take a photo of it and we will send you a replacement or refund for that defective roll.

Casting tape is temperamental, but with practice you will find yourself an expert in no time.

After feedback from customers. We will be lowering the resin content slightly in the next batch. We are constantly striving to create the perfect cast tape. Realizing that some customers want it one way, and other customers want it the other. We hope to find a happy medium for both customer types.

Average Rating: 
  based on 3 Customer Reviews

Review On Aug 5, 2014 by Michael G. of San Elizario, TX
Title: Saved me money at the doc
Comments: I bought this kit to have the doc apply. The color was great, saved me money on my deductible too. Doc only charged me for an office visit. Thanks Obama care for the high deductible.

Review On Jul 19, 2014 by Aaron of Franklin, TX
Title: Awesome Supplies
Comments: I purchased this and it works awesome, has everything you need and sets up quickly as well. Will definitely use orthotape in the future!

Review On Dec 5, 2011 by Anonymous of Aurora, IL
Title: Excellent Product
Comments: The contents of the kit are exactly what is needed to make a great LAC. There is even a small piece of 1 stocking so you can include your thumb if necessary.


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Friday 9:30AM -1PM Eastern Time.
Customer service Closed Holidays and Weekends.

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I look forward to doing business with you again." Jim S.

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Mistakes happen, but the true greatness of a company is how those mistakes are handled.  To say the least I am very impressed with your company." W. Russel Jr.

You guys are great!"  S. Kaiser
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