Delta Dry Waterproof Cast

Too often kids (& adults) miss out on all the summer fun due to that broken arm or leg because theyÆre stuck in a traditional orthopedic cast. Luckily the creators of Delta Dry waterproof cast padding have come to the rescue offering up a product unlike any other and allowing those suffering from a broken bone to still make their yearly visit to the beach or water park.

A waterproof cast is made with materials that resist water.  The cast technician will apply a waterproof padding around the affected limb and then apply fiberglass casting tape on top of the waterproof cast padding.  This will allow you to get the cast wet.  The cast will then only take about 20 minutes to dry.  One way to get the cast to dry faster is by using a hair dryer set at a low setting. Then blowing air down the cast to help dry.  If the cast begins to smell, simply take a small amount of peroxide and a small amount of rubbing alcohol.  Mix it in a sink or bath with some water and allow the cast to soak for 5 minutes.  This will kill any bacterial that is inside the cast.  Always remember to wash out an chlorine after you swim with your cast.  Flush it with regular tap water to remove any chemicals or salt from the pool or ocean.   Now you can get back to your normal routine of washing or swimming.

When comparing Delta Dry to other brands, you will see it conforms better with the limb, as it has the same application process as a traditional cast with the added benefit of being waterproof.  It also comes with stockinette so that helps to hold the padding in place so it does not become un-tucked and start to stick out of the cast. Competitors, such as AquaCast, often become bunchy under the casting tape. Think of your sock getting bunched up in your shoe, uncomfortable right? This isnÆt the only problem you may run into, AquaCast also makes for a much thinner cast which will cause an unpleasant cast removal experience, as the cast saw gets rather warm causing a risk of potentially getting burnt.

Being in a cast is bad enough, itÆs even worse when your forced to miss out on all the fun. Because of inventory costs, most doctorsÆ offices DO NOT carry the product on site, luckily OrthoTape sells Delta Dry in cast kits or by the roll (padding) /foot (stockinette). Sometimes doctorsÆ offices are limited in the color casting tape they have on stock as well, but at OrthoTape you can also add any color casting tape you want to your kit.  Also remember that at times doctors are resistant to put on a waterproof cast simply because someone before failed to take care of their cast.  But don't let one negligent patient ruin your chance of having a waterproof cast.  Simply promise the doctor that you will take care of the cast.  We have so many doctors that apply these casts each year.  So if your doctor says no, tell him you will find a doctor who will.   Remember you have a choice in your health care.  BSN Medical is one of the largest medical suppliers in the world.  Every doctor knows who BSN Medical is.  So trust Delta Dry from BSN Medical sold worldwide exclusively by