OrthoTape Plaster Cloth Bandages|6 INCH X 5 YRD|-12 ROLL

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OrthoTape plaster bandages Compare to Woodland Scenics, OCL, and Gypsona plaster cloth gauze bandage for scenery, crafts, mask art, models, molds, keepsake belly cast Our low-price Medical Grade plaster gauze cloth wrap bandages are regulated by the FDA for purity and quality. Great for Yeso Body Wrap

FDA Registered for safety

Ships from Ridgeland SC 29936 warehouse

100% Guaranteed with photo proof of failure.


OrthoTape Plaster of Paris Bandages 6 INCH 5 yards / 15 feet (12 ROLL) Great for Yeso body wrap.

For 2023 we completely reformulated our plaster to be more like Gypsona and OCL plaster Bandages. Get high-quality plaster at a much lower price.

Our low-price Medical Grade plaster bandages are regulated by the FDA for purity and quality. Compared to Art plaster supplied at art stores with no regulations on imports, no test is performed on art plaster to guarantee its quality or safety.
We also ship today if you order by 2 PM EST and our average arrival time is typically 2-3 business days.
Our plaster bandages are thicker and have more plaster than most brands on the market. You will surely be satisfied with our high-quality plaster bandages and low price. Our plaster bandages have an interlocking weave to create gauze strength, keeping more plaster on the gauze resulting in a premium plaster of Paris bandage.

OrthoTape Plaster Bandages 12 rolls in each box. (5 yard /15 feet per roll.)
Set Time: 3-6 minutes.
    plaster bandages
Why buy OrthoTape brand plaster bandages?

FDA registered and tested for quality and safety.
Medical grade plaster at outlet prices.
100% satisfaction guarantee.
Voted #1 by schools, art teachers, artists, and expectant moms.
Safe non-toxic, GMO and Gluten-Free

Classic Formula - Features a rich creamy texture for smooth finished plaster bandage casts every time.
Intimate Molding - Molds to every contour for a precise fit.
Low Plaster Loss - Very low wet or dry plaster loss for a creamy mold.
Quick Set Times - Features improved plaster formula for consistency.
High Green Strength - Less chance of breakdown or cast distortion during the critical curing phase.
Low Exothermic -Original Formula plaster bandages maintain a safe.

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