1 INCH Orthopedic Medical Tubular Undersleeve Cast Stockinette |10 FEET|

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Black, Hot Pink, Red, Blue Orthopedic Medical Tubular Cast Stockinette great for fingers, toe, or thumb


1 - INCH Medical Cast Stockinette used during cast application. |10 FEET|

Available in Black, White, Dark Blue, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Grey, Purple, & Red!

NOTE: This stockinette is NOT waterproof, please do not add it to a waterproof cast.

tubular cast stockinette

What is a 1" stockinette used for?

We recommend using a 1-inch stockinette for fingers or the thumb area of a short arm cast. If casting a toddler or infant, you can try to use 1 inch as there is some stretch, but we recommend you try 2 inches if you are putting in on an infant arm or leg.

Is this sold in bulk as well?
Yes, We have this also sold by the box (75 feet per roll) and much more economical.
We only sell it by the foot if you just need a small amount of it such as 5 to 10 feet.

Is this waterproof, can I use it with waterproof padding?
We do not recommend it as it will take longer for your waterproof cast to dry.  We do sell waterproof stockinette.  Search for "Waterproof" in the search bar above.

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