BSN Medical Teflon PTFE Cast Saw Cutter Blade | 31-0265 2.5 Inch |

Sale price$42.99

BSN Medical Teflon Cast Saw Cutter Blade replace Fits Stryker 840 style saws and American Orthopedic cast saws.

Ships from Charlotte, NC 28209 warehouse


Teflon cast saw replacement blade.

The Teflon cast saw blades are rugged blades for use in cutting through synthetic cast materials such as fiberglass casting tape. Fits Hex or Pin head saws such as American Orthopedic, M-Pact, or old Stryker cast saws. 

Blades fit a variety of cast saw types. Hex heads have a 6-sided hexagon on the top hub, whereas pin head saws have a pin that runs through the middle of the head, then secured by a nut. 

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