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De Soutter Cast Saw Cutter (CC6) Low Voltage Saw with Power Supply


DeSoutter Cast Saw Cutter (CC6)

The CC6 combines the latest technological features with a functional ergonomic handgrip making it a pleasure to use. The smoothly contoured saw is designed to fit comfortably in the hand while providing the ideal cutting position. The balanced weight distribution increases maneuverability and helps to reduce wrist fatigue. The CC6 Cast Saw Cutter requires a low-voltage power supply unit that is supplied by the PS6 (included). The saw is designed with rubber motor mounts that insulate the internal mechanism resulting in low noise and reduced vibration to the operator's hand. A two-speed control located on the handpiece provides a quieter, low-speed setting, that is ideal for use with children and a high-speed setting for quick removal of thick body casts.

CC6 Saw Handpiece Specification

High Oscillating Speed 1600 cpm
Low Oscillating Speed 11800 cpm
Voltage 22/29 Vdc
Weight 850 grams (30 oz.)
Sound Level 68 dB(A)
Length 245 mm (9.6")

PS6 Power Supply for CC6 can be bench-mounted with the fixings provided.
Output Voltage 22/29 Vdc
Supply Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Weight 1510 grams 
Dimensions - mm 215L x 63H x 98W

Warranty Info: A 12-month warranty covers parts, labor, and shipping costs to the repair center.

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