Donjoy ES (Extra Support) Velocity Ankle Brace

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The DonJoy Velocity ankle brace provides extra support to the ankle joint and helps prevent ankle sprains, plus it’s extremely comfortable to wear.

Reimbursement Codes: L1906


Velocity represents an evolution in DonJoy ankle brace technology. This revolutionary new brace utilizes several new, proprietary design features, resulting in a new level of ankle brace performance and providing the foundation for successful ankle injury prevention and treatment. The Velocity ES offers extra support and has a foot and ankle speed wrap to apply compression for acute ankle injuries and to control inflammation.


Ideal for treating or preventing the following injuries:

Inversion ankle sprains

Eversion ankle sprains

Unnatural rotation of the ankle


R3 (Rapid-Rigid-Ratcheted) Technology™ provides circumferential tibia/fibula compression

Prevents abnormal inversion and eversion

Rigid uprights protect during impact

SpeedWrap™ for secured ankle joint compression

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