eLife Armor |Universal Fit| Cervical Neck Collar Brace

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eLife Armour Cervical Neck Collar Brace universal comfort fit. Compare to Ossur Miami J, Miami J Select, Philadelphia, or Aspen Vista Collar.

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eLife Amour Comfort-Fit Cervical Neck Collar Brace was designed with the patient in mind.  This specialized cervical collar neck brace meets the needs of those suffering from cervical injuries by minimizing pressure points.  It also provides complete immobilization all while inhibiting skin deterioration and maximizing patient comfort.


Acute neck pain

Minor muscle spasm associated with spondylosis

Protection during halo application

Post-op immobilization

Whiplash syndrome


Designed to help restrict cervical flexion, extension, lateral bending, and rotation.


The two-piece polyethylene design enhances patient comfort and is easily adjusted with a buckle design 

The unique adjustment technology allows 7 levels of chin height adjustment for customized fitting with a simple knob sliding

Hand-washable removable pads are soft for greater comfort and proper hygiene

The large tracheal opening provides functional access for airway management and other essential procedures

Safe for use with X-ray, CT, and MRI

One size fits all 

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