eLife FormFit Medical Fracture Cast CAM Boot | SHORT Non Inflated |

Sale price$29.99

eLife Orthopedic medical Fracture Boot for broken foot or broken toe compares easily with Ossur form fit and Ovation. This low-top walking cast is lightweight and easy to walk in. Get a full 6-month warranty and fast shipping.

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eLife Short Cam Walker Fracture boot for a Broken foot or toe.

The eLife orthopedic medical boot is a low-top cam walker that goes to just below the knee. This boot for a broken ankle or foot easily compares to other boots on the market at a much lower price. We offer a full 6-month warranty on the materials and craftsmanship of this fine product. Easily compares to Ossur, Deroyal, Breg, and Ovation, boots at a much more economical price with a better warranty.

This fracture boot also comes with a toe bumper to protect and cover those toes.

Authorized Dealer | 6-Month Manufacture Warranty | Authentic Product Quality Guaranteed

OrthoTape.com is an authorized dealer of these products and guarantees their authenticity and craftsmanship. Unlike eBay and Amazon which sell either a knock-off brand or an out-of-date item. We get our products directly from the manufacturer as an authorized dealer. We also back our products with great customer service. You always have someone you can call!

800-580-9887 M-F 9:30 – 4 PM EST.

  • Status post foot or ankle surgery
  • Fixation after a stable foot or ankle fracture
  • Severe ankle sprain
  • Broken foot cast

  • Rigid and durable metal stay provides great stability
  • Adjustable straps for proper tightening as a personal demand
  • Additional foam pads provide better fitting and comfort
  • Curved rocker bottom allows natural and normal walking
  • Anterior cut-out design for better comfort of toes

Top is flared for more room in calf area.

how to put on aircast boot

Curved rocker bottom allows you to walk naturally.
aircast boot sleep

Cover allows you to cover your toes!

walking boot for stress fracture
The actual inside measurement of the boot is the best way to get the correct fit.

Size: S, M, L, XL

Tall Boot Size chart

What is the best way to determine my boot size?
  • The best way to get a size is to use the actual measurement of the inside of the Boot (see Size Chart for more info).
    Often sizes vary with different manufacturers and shoe size varies by the last time you measured your foot. Remember to account for swelling and bandages too!
Does this fit the RIGHT or LEFT foot?
  • The OrthoLife was designed to fit either foot.  There is no specific side option needed.
How much does the boot weigh?
  • Medical boots usually weigh around 2-3lbs depending on the size and features
    (For example, a Pneumatic boot will weigh more than a non-inflated boot due to having an airliner and air pump ball).
    My doctor suggested a cast boot for stability for my broken toe. Does this shoe provide stable support in the toe area?
    • You really need to consult your doctor on what a cam boot will do for you. Cam boots are designed to provide support, stability, or protection for the injured foot or leg.
    Is there latex anywhere on the cam walkers?
    • No latex is used in the production of any cam walker.

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