OrthoTape Plaster Bandage |3 INCH X 5 YRD| - 2 PACK

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OrthoTape plaster bandages. Reformulated to compare to Gypsona and OCL. OrthoTape Plaster of Paris Bandages 3 inch (2 ROLLS) Plaster Gauze Wrap Cloth. Make a plaster face mask or plaster belly cast.


OrthoTape Plaster of Paris Bandages 3 INCH 5 yards / 15 feet (2 -Rolls)

OrthoTape Artist's Choice Plaster Bandages (12 Rolls) – FDA-Registered

Medical Grade Plaster: Trust in OrthoTape, made with plaster that is registered with the FDA, ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality for artists.

Plaster Cloth Roll Set: Dive into creativity with our set of 12 full rolls of plaster cloth. Each roll measures 3 inches x 5 yards (15 feet), providing ample material for all your art projects. Set time 2-3 minutes.

Adjustable Size for Every Project: Whether crafting a grand sculpture or a delicate piece, our versatile rolls cater to your needs. Choose from the multiple sizes available or easily tailor the cloth with scissors for the perfect fit.

Natural & Safe: Made from natural materials, our gypsum bandages are non-toxic and gentle on the skin, ensuring safety as you craft.

Effortless Application: Bypass the fuss of messy preparations! Each roll comes pre-loaded with powdered plaster. Immerse the bandage in water, lay it onto your project, and mold it as desired. Within 10-15 minutes, your casting solidifies and is ready for embellishing, coloring, or showcasing.

Diverse Uses: Beyond molding baby hands, feet, or the bellies of expectant mothers, OrthoTape's plaster cloth shines in mask-making, sculptures, landscape art, and texture enhancements.

Elevate your artistic endeavors with the unmatched quality of OrthoTape's premium plaster bandages. Order now and let your imagination soar!

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