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eLife Post op locking elbow brace range of motion is universal in size, making fit adjustments easy. Simply choose the right or left arm.

Ships from Ridgeland SC 29936 Warehouse Arrives in 1-2 days for states on the east coast.

Telescoping Length Adjustment for the perfect fit.

Adjustable in every 15 degrees

Breathable Soft liner

Easy Ajustable straps


The eLife Post-op Elbow Brace is universal in size making fit adjustments easy. Simply choose the right or left arm.

Proven, technologies, trust the eLife Innovator Elbow, with extending struts. Improve patient outcomes with superior comfort, clean look, and feel. A unique patient-friendly hinge in post-op bracing, designed to increase patient satisfaction and compliance.


Stable fractures of the elbow, distal humerus, proximal radius, or ulna
Tendon and ligament injuries or repairs
Collateral ligament reconstructions
Elbow hyperextension
Triceps tendon repair
Chronic elbow injuries
Tennis elbow release


Immobilization of the elbow in 10~15° increments

Limit ROM by adjustable simple setting hinges

The universal sizing allows this product to fit most customers. The max adjustable size is for a bicep of 24".


Padded lined malleable aluminum cuffs for a perfect fit

Lightweight but streamlined durable aluminum hinge provides maximum protection

“Pull pin design” enables easy release for Slide-to-Size length adjustments.

Simply press and rotate hinge with lock Extension limitation from 0° ~ 105°

Flexion limitation from 0° ~ 120°

Lock limitation from 0° ~ 90°

Adjustable in every 15 degrees

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