Repair Rebuild Request Stryker 840 Cast Saw

Sale price$5.99


Stryker 840 Cast Saw Repair Request

$5.99 gets you a discounted shipping label to send the item to us for a free evaluation.  Feel free to send multiple cast saws with this discount shipping label in the same box.

We will contact you to obtain more info on the saw.

Once you check out.  We will send you a FedEx shipping label to send your saw to us within 24 hrs. M-F

OrthoTape has one of the best cast saw repair centers. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in manufacturing and repairing Orthopedic cast saws. Our full-service facility can service your electric cast saw regardless of its age. 
You can count on our technicians to handle all American-made brands and many foreign-made cast saws with expertise and efficiency.

If you have questions about repair services.
It is best to email us or call us first at or call us at 800-580-9887 and we can discuss many repair options with you.
Average turn around 1-2 weeks.

We will inspect the item and give an evaluation and quote on the repair cost.  Most saws can be repaired and rebuilt for an average cost of $245 to $695.00.  The approximate price of $695.00 would get you a completely rebuilt saw. 

We will contact you to confirm the quote and obtain payment for the repairs.  Once the saw is repaired we will ship the saw back to your location.   Warranty 1-year parts and labor.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lisa J
Pediatric clinic

We use this saw a good bit. It was getting too loud for the kids. Came back like new. Would recommend

Brittany V
Saw looks like it is brand new

We sent in our saw for repair. The price was as suggested $695, they had a fast turnaround. Saw was back to us in about 1-2 week's time.

Mike G
Relatively easy

They sent me a label after I checked out. I sent in my saw. They got back to me in a few days with a quote around $695 and what I got back was a saw that looks brand new. Definitely like their service.

Tyson M
Found someone who does autopsy saws

We were glad to find someone who does repair autopsy saws. Our saw took a beating and now it looks like new. Fast turn around. Happy will return.

Lisa S
Old stryker looks new

we had a very old saw and it needed rebuilt. The orthotape team did a great job from start to finish. This saw is even repainted and looks like it did when we bought it long ago. Thank you.