Walk Easy Youth Forearm Crutches 4" Full Cuff Model 586 (pair)

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Youth forearm crutches that are dependable and cheap are hard to fine. Thankfully, the Walk Easy Youth Forearm Crutches model 586 is available at the Orthotape store! Full cuff featuring a v shaped opening for quick release and available in multiple epoxy coated colors.

Colors out of stock will be available April 30, 2021.


Walk Easy Youth Forearm Crutches 4" Full Cuff Model 586 (pair)

Epoxy-coated youth-size forearm crutches with extra large 4" (10 cm.) diameter full cuff featuring a V-shaped front opening for quick release. Adjustable in height from floor to grip and from grip to cuff.

Brand: Walk Easy
Sold as: Pair
Max. user weight: 160 lbs. (73 kgs)
Approx. user height: 4'4” to 5'2” (132 to 157 cm)
Availability: In stock

Product Details

Other names: Canadian crutches, elbow crutches, Lofstrand
Material Properties: Aluminum
Grip Properties: Hard
Adjustability: Grip to floor , Grip to cuff
Cuff Type: Full cuff
Weight (each): 16.8 oz (476.3 grs.)
Warranty: 1-year limited
Medicare HCPCS code: E0110
Shipping weight: 3.0 lbs. (dimensional weight: 8 lbs.)

Product Sizing

Size: Youth
Cuff diameter: 3¾”
Grip length: 3¾”
Grip diameter: 1¼”
Grip to floor: 21.8” to 29.6” (55 to 75 cm)
Grip to cuff: 7.7” to 9.7” (20 to 25 cm)
Next larger model: 490

***Also available with a standard 3" cuff (see model 582).***

The following parts are available for Model 586:

T10: Pivoflex crutch tips with flex action
C03: Replacement silencer ring (5XX series)

C10: Replacement Clip adjustment, forearm crutches
P08: Replacement 4" full cuff and extension tube

Colors Available (colors not listed as options are temporarily out of stock):
pediatric lofstrand crutches

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