American Orthopedic Cast Saw Vacuum Nozzle

Sale price$179.99

Vacuum nozzle for the American Orthopedic cast or autopsy saw.


Cast Saw Vacuum Nozzle

The nozzle easily attaches to the head of the American Orthopedic cast saw (part number T-CC-100) or the American Orthopedic autopsy saw (part number T-CC-200). 

The included 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" plastic adapter collar affixes to the nozzle and will accept an American Orthopedic 1-1/2" OD vacuum hose.

NOZZ AO 90DEG SAW VAC (Right angle vacuum nozzle assembly connects 0295-200 cutters to 0295-300, 0295-400, 0295-250 vacs)

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