Long ARM Fiberglass Cast Kit - LAC

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Fiberglass orthopedic long arm cast kit. 16 arm cast color options. Arm cast wrap material kit supplies.

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Long Arm Fiberglass Cast Kit

Fiberglass Orthopedic Medical Long Arm Cast Kit.  All the orthopedic medical casting supplies you need to make a long arm cast.

Often the doctor only has a few color choices. We offer 16 different cast colors.
Take this to your doctor for your orthopedic cast application or next cast change.

fiberglass cast tape color stockinette

100% Satisfaction guarantee with photo proof. Printed tape (Camo and Teddy Bear) is a polyester fabric instead of fiberglass.

*This product should be applied by a trained medical professional or for educational training. Always consult a doctor prior to use. Never apply fiberglass cast tape directly to skin.

application of a long arm cast
Need extra Tape?
fiberglass casting tape

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