DeRoyal Night Splint Plantar Fasciitis

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The DeRoyal Night Splint features a dorsiflexion design that applies a stretch for effective pain relief and chronic plantar fasciitis symptoms. The DeRoyal boot-style night splint has adjustable straps on the sides that raise the foot into a neutral position between 5-10 degrees providing just the right amount of dorsiflexion to the plantar fascia ligament. Foam wedges underneath the footbed area also aid in providing a more effective stretch as well. The foam liner inside is removable for easy washing for hygiene purposes. The outer plastic shell is designed to hold up to daily use without falling apart over time. The DeRoyal Night Splint can also be ordered with an additional kit including treatment tools for use during the daytime. It includes a foot control strap for use in conjunction with a heel cup for relief during walking activities, a gel hot/cold pack for pain relief, an exercise band for strengthening your foot's musculature responsible for supporting your arch, and a self-management guide to self-treating at home. The splint plus the accessory kit make for a great pair of tools for treating plantar fasciitis 24 hours a day.



Plantar Fasciitis (inflammation of the thin layer of deep fibrous tissue that connects to the heel bone), Inflammation of the Achilles Tendon

Foot & Ankle Rehabilitation


The dorsiflexion design applies a stretch for effective pain relief.

Lightweight and low-profile design for patient comfort.

Adjustable straps to vary the amount of stretch.

Foam wedges are provided for additional stretch. 

Available in three sizes for a great fit.

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