DeRoyal Hypercontrol Hinged Knee Brace

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Hypercontrol hinged knee brace Tri-tex construction serves as a breathable alternative to neoprene.

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The Hypercontrol Knee Brace is the perfect choice for the professional or recreational athlete.

Hyper-extension injuries occur when the knee is bent back the wrong way. The treatment recommendation for hyper-extension injuries is to prevent the knee from bending backward during the healing process. The Hypercontrol Knee brace does just that. Hinges are located on the medial and lateral side of the elbow to help prevent hyper-extension. In addition, the product features a criss-cross strapping mechanism that assists in controlling hyper-extension.


Grade I or II collateral ligament sprain

Mild ACL/PCL sprain

Grade I varus and valgus instability


Tri-tex construction serves as a breathable alternative to neoprene

Anatomical design features a unique strapping system at the back of the knee to assist in preventing hyper-extension

Medial and lateral hinges help prevent hyper-extension of the knee

Superior adjustability for patient comfort

Dual adjustable buttresses for maximum patella stabilization (pull-up style only)

Extension tabs at the thigh and calf accommodate circumferential variances (pull-up style only)

DeRoyal Concise Knee Patella Stabilizer measure

Measure circumference 6 inches above the middle of the patella (knee cap)

Hypercontrol Knee Brace-size chart


Hypercontrol Hinged Knee Brace Pull-Up

Hypercontrol Hinged Knee Brace Wrap Around

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