Miami Jr. Replacement pads

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Replacement pads for Miami Jr neck collar brace.

Ships from Ridgeland SC 29936 warehouse 2-4 days.


Miami J Jr. Replacement Pads

Miami J Jr. Replacement Pads use technically advanced skincare materials (Sorbatex II pads) that make the collar “skin-friendly" and protect the skin's integrity during extended wear. The Sorbatex II collar pads for the Miami Jr allow body moisture and vapor to pass through the pad, wicking perspiration from the skin and resulting in a drier surface. The surface of the pads is antibacterial and inhibits microbial growth. It has a high thermal conductivity that keeps the patient cooler. These features also result in easier care when it comes to cleaning the collar.

MRI, CT and X-ray lucent, MR safe

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