Ossur Formfit Pro OA Knee Compression Sleeve

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Ossur Formfit Pro Knee Compression Sleeve OA is a unique, lightweight, compressive knee support sleeve with a Dynamic Force Strap system, it provides pain relief from the early stages of osteoarthritis (OA). The dynamic, 3-D MotionTech knit (high-performance fabric with four-way stretch for a full range of motion) provides support that meets certified medical-grade compression requirements and is superior to the leading brands at moisture-wicking and breathability, keeping your knee cool during wear. CoolVent technology (allows airflow through fabric providing ventilation and preventing overheating) in the popliteal(hollow at the back of the knee) area enhances breathability and comfort, while the distinct patella(kneecap) graphics help with the intuitive placing of the sleeve. The integrated StayBilizer hinge, constructed from lightweight, flexible EVA material, is suitable for sports, such as football.


Knee extension occurs when we stand up from a seated position and the whole leg is straight.

Lateral-outside of knee/Medial-inside of knee
Comfort size provides an additional two inches in the thigh area.

ossur formfit pro knee size chart

ossur formfit pro knee oa comparison

Key Features

Patented DFS(Dynamic Force Strap) system.

Certified medical grade compression (20-30 mmHg).

Lightweight CoolVent knit in popliteal(hollow at the back of the knee) area for added breathability and comfort.

Patented FoldLock system for easier and more secure application.

Sports-compatible StayBilizer hinge made from light, flexible EVA material for optimum shape and fit.

Patella(kneecap) graphics for intuitive placement.

Available in 5 standard sizes and 3 comfort sizes (comfort size allows for an additional 2 inches in the thigh area).

Indications For Use

For osteoarthritis and other knee conditions that may benefit from unloading and/or compression, such as;

Medial(inside of knee) or lateral(outside of knee) knee pain

Early or mild unicompartmental osteoarthritis of the knee

Symptomatic, unicompartmental meniscus degeneration


Must not be used by individuals for whom compression is contraindicated.

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