Ossur Square Toe Post - Op Shoe

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The Ossur Square Toe Post-Op Shoe immobilizes the foot and protects it from injury while allowing plenty of room for padding post-surgery. Its design can accommodate either the left or right foot.


Square Toe acts as a bumper and increases protection
The Rocker bottom sole reduces pressure on the plantar surface for increased comfort and compliance 
Rigid bottom reduces the flexion of the foot and toes
Immobilizes the foot and protects it from injury
Buckle pressure is eliminated with strapless closures that can accommodate dressing up to 17” (43cm) in circumference
Comes in S, M, L, and XL for Men and S, M, and L for Women


For recovery after soft tissue procedures and post-trauma, including:
Foot ulcers
Broken toes
Forefoot trauma
Bunion surgery
Ankle fractures
Achilles tendon lengthening
Based on your location, ships from NJ Or CA Warehouse 2-4 business days.
Can I wear a sock or stockings with my post-op shoe?

Yes, it is okay to wear a sock or stockings. The straps should be tightened until firm but comfortable so the foot does not slip around in the shoe. 

How do you walk in post-op shoes?

The sole of the post-op shoe is very rigid and will not flex protecting your foot. You will need to walk flat-footed by rolling from heel to toe.

Should I sleep in the post-op shoe?

Yes, the post-op shoe is to be worn at all times, even in bed.

How do I wash the shoe?

It may be cleaned with mild soap and cold water and then laid on a towel to air dry. Do not place it in the washing machine or dryer. Do not place it near a heater. Do not use bleach or strong detergents.

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