Walk Easy Pediatric Forearm Crutches 3" Half Cuff Model 574 (pair)

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Walk Easy Pediatric Forearm Crutches 3" Half Cuff Model 574 (pair)

Epoxy-coated pediatric forearm crutches with open half cuff. Height is adjustable from the floor to grip and from grip to the cuff. Cuffs are interchangeable.

Brand: Walk Easy
Sold as: Pair
Max. user weight: 160 lbs. (73 kgs)
Approx. user height: 3' to 4' (91 to 122 cm)
Availability: In stock

Product Details

Other names: Canadian crutches, elbow crutches, Lofstrand
Material Properties: Aluminum
Grip Properties: Hard
Adjustability: Grip to floor , Grip to cuff
Cuff Type: Half cuff
Weight (each): 13.1 oz (371.4 grs.)
Warranty: 1-year limited
Medicare HCPCS code: E0110

Product Sizing

Size: Pediatric
Cuff diameter: 3”
Grip length: 3¾”
Grip diameter: 1¼”
Grip to floor: 17.2” to 23.0” (44 to 58 cm)
Grip to cuff: 5.5” to 6.5” (14 to 17 cm)
Next smaller model: 564
Next larger model: 584

***Also available with a full cuff (see model 572).***

The following parts are available for Model 574:

T10: Pivoflex crutch tips with flex action
P07: Replacement 3" half cuff and extension tube

Colors Available (colors not listed as options are temporarily out of stock):
pediatric elbow crutches

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