Stryker 986 CastVac Replacement Filter Cartridge

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Stryker 986 CastVac replacement filter cartridge designed for use with the 986 dust collection system.

Ships from Ridgeland SC 29936 warehouse

Looking for the Stryker 986-500 Vacuum filter cartridge. This model has been replaced by the unit shown next to it in the photo!

Stryker 986 CastVac Filter -2

Why choose our filter over other brands:

Here’s what happens with the original filter. When it gets half full, it begins to belly out. Then see the bottom of the pleats. The paper tears and the dust goes down into the vacuum motor and destroys it!

You now have a 500.00 or more repair on your hands. These filters being sold by the competition end up COSTING the customer repairs.

Our filter CAN NOT RUPTURE. Our filter has an internal rigid plastic liner that will not allow the filter to tear or collapse.

This is the updated and improved Stryker 986 CastVac Generation II filter cartridge. Designed for use with the Stryker 986 CastVac dust collection system. Stronger (will not collapse), quieter (reduces vacuum motor noise by 10 dcbs) and more effective than its forerunner.

This cartridge allows for unrestricted vacuum flow while capturing minute cast dust particles produced during the cast removal process.

It uses a “pre-filter” foam “silencer” that reduces sound output and permits better airflow through the system.

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