American Orthopedic Cast Saw Cutter |Rebuilt|

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American Orthopedic 295-200 Cast Cutter/ Cast Saw complete rebuild. Authorized Rebuild Dealer.

OrthoTape has teamed up with one of the best American Orthopedic cast saw rebuilders. Our rebuilt saws are restored to their original performance specifications.

When one of our cast saws is refurbished, it is restored to the operating specifications provided by the original manufacturer. This process involves the replacement of the motor and the drive components which make the saw function effectively and smoothly. This also helps to guarantee the power tool can be operated with no threat to the patient or user. As a final step, the refurbished saws are repainted and relabeled to give them a “like new” appearance!


Stryker vs American Orthopedic

We cannot recommend one over the other as both have been highly proven in performance and durability. Either should last for decades if properly used. They feature the same power and performance ratings as well.

The American Orthopedic Cast Saw is specially designed to take abuse from a busy doctor’s office. This saw uniquely balances weight and power keeping the user from getting fatigued. The American Orthopedic Cast Cutter is lubricated internally providing years of dependable service.

Warranty: 1-year parts and labor, does not cover user error, damage, or drops. Cast saws must be used in accordance with the intended purpose.  Cast removal only.  Any other use will void the warranty.

All refurbished saws come with a blade, a wrench, and a user manual.

Another unique feature is switch location, putting the switch in the back, and having a low profile keeps it from breaking if dropped. This cast cutter’s unique Hex pin drive allows for 6 blade rotations, thereby allowing the user to rotate the cast saw blades and extending the blades' life by 50% compared to similar competitive cast saw cutter models.
Length 12.5" Weight 3 lbs. 13oz.

These AO (American Orthopedic) saws were the second most popular cast cutter ever produced in the U.S.A. That’s important to the professional orthopedist because “foreign-made” saws are often not supported in terms of aftermarket repairs and parts availability; leaving you “high and dry” should you ever require repairs. American-made saws are supported and parts availability is not a problem; so your investment is protected for many years to come! Look carefully at the accompanying images. What you see is included with your purchase, making your choice a wise and comprehensive investment! We may send your saw in a slightly different storage/shipping container as these boxes pictured are in short supply. Why would you ever buy a product like this from anyone who didn’t also provide service AFTER the sale? There are many used items for sale on eBay, but none are actually experts with brick-and-mortar facilities who can stand behind what they sell!! We have been repairing and refurbishing cast cutters for 40 years and take great pride in our work. You won’t find a better saw or better investment for your practice than one of our rebuilt saws. You’ll receive a real warranty from a company that will stand behind your tool for many, many years to come, right here in the USA!

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great pricing for refurbished equipment