Soft Bandage Leg Cast Kit for Dog or Cat

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Soft Cast Leg Cast Kit for Dog or Cat - Materials to make a Veterinary Dog or Cast Leg Cast

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Soft Leg Cast Kit for Dog or Cat - Materials to make a Veterinary Pet Cast

A soft bandage dog or cat leg cast is easy to apply with a little practice. Often this type of soft cast is applied due to minor injuries. You can buy the supplies and have them applied in no time. Ships direct to the patient so you can take it to your Veterinarian. We have 3 different color choices in our soft cast self-adhesive bandage, White, Black and Hot Pink.  This kit includes all the veterinary medical soft self-adhesive cast supplies you need to make a soft cast for a dog or cat.  The application should be performed by a trained veterinary technician.

* application should be for educational use or performed by a veterinary technician.

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