Delta Dry Water Resistant Stockinette (1-foot)

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Delta Dry Waterproof Stockinette

A great addition to the waterproof Delta Dry line to securely hold in waterproof padding under a cast. Delta Dry Waterproof Stockinette greatly improves comfort and limb conformity. SOLD Per FOOT

Sold Per Foot, cut from the roll. Change quantity to the desired number of feet.
For a full roll, please see.

Note: Waterproof Stockinette must be used in conjunction with Delta Dry waterproof cast padding. It is also important to note that it does not fit the same as traditional cast stockinette. For example, a 3-inch stockinette size is usually used for a long arm cast, however, Delta Dry waterproof stockinette does not stretch as traditional stockinette does and therefore you will need to move up one size to 4-inch. The same is true with a leg cast. You will need to use a 5-inch stockinette rather than the 4-inch stockinette that is used with a traditional cast. If you buy the stockinette too small it will split.

The water-resistant Delta-Dry family represents the most recent generation of water-resistant cast padding and undercast materials. Their enhanced features are market and clinically-proven and offer an extensive array of benefits. So, if you aim for the highest standard of care, look for Delta-Dry. Delta-Dry is water-resistant. In contrast to waterproof cast padding and under cast materials, it is penetrable by water, therefore, allowing moisture to move through which reduces the risk of skin maceration.

We offer Delta Dry by the foot if you need to add to your waterproof cast kit.
You also need to add Delta Dry waterproof cast padding.

*This product should be applied by a trained medical professional or for educational training.  Always consult a doctor before use.

Is Stockinette all I need for my Delta Dry Waterproof cast?

No,  You will also need to use Delta Dry Padding as this stockinette is not thick enough to use alone.

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Bradley Grahame
Just not long enough

Needs to come in a 36 length