Ossur Miami J Jr. Cervical Neck Collar Brace - Junior

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Ossur Miami J Jr Cervical Neck Collar is an Innovative collar designed exclusively for children 12 and under

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Comes with both front and back.

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Ossur Miami J Jr. |Junior| Collar from OrthoTape comes with both front and back panels for the same low price shown.

Other sellers are selling the front and back separately.

See the SIZE CHART for how to get the best fit!

The Miami Jr. is the breakthrough collar designed exclusively for children of 12 years and under. The Miami Jr. line, which spans the growth cycle, is sized according to age. Ossur is the only company that has a pediatric line of collars based on the anatomical differences between adults and children. We realize that children are not just “little adults" – they require innovative design.



Stable cervical fractures

Cervical spondylitis

Cervical spondylosis

RA and OA cervical spine

Herniated cervical disc


Motor Neurone Disease


Innovative collar designed exclusively for children 12 years and under anatomy pediatric

Sorbatex™ II pads make the collar “skin-friendly" and protect skin integrity during extended wear

MRI, CT, and X-ray lucent, MR safe

The cervical collars are sized according to the Broselow-Luten which uses four true pediatric cervical neck collar sizes to ensure optimal airway and upper cervical spine immobilization. The Broselow-Luten Color-Coding system is used by clinicians to decide what size of medical equipment is best suited for the child.

Broselow-Luten System Chart

Miami J Jr size chart

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Miami Jr instructions

How often should pads be changed?

A good rule of thumb is once per shift in the hospital. After the patient is discharged, pads should be changed when the patient bathes, or approximately every 24 to 48 hours. Patients who are active and sweaty, or have body fluids, may need to change more often.

Can I use powder with the collar?

It is better to keep the pads clean. The powder will absorb perspiration and become pasty, making the pads difficult to clean.

When should I get a new set of replacement pads?

It depends on how much wear and tear the patient is putting on the collar. As soon as they start to show wear a new set of pads should be used.

Can I use bleach on the pads?

Do not use bleach or harsh chemicals. Mild soap and water should be enough. The collar was designed using materials that are easy to clean.

Can I cut off the Assist Strap?

Yes, but this may make it more difficult for the patient alone to apply the collar. The Assist Strap is attached with a button, so if you wish to remove it, it may be unbuttoned. Then the Strap may be reattached later if desired.

Can I use just the front of the collar with the Assist Strap?

No. You need to attach the back piece to get proper immobilization and support.

How can I tell if the collar is on correctly?

The words "Front" and "Back" are embossed on the appropriate pieces. Also, "Up" arrows are molded into the front and back pieces.

The Occian Back is the perfect add on for comfort.

Occian Back occipital breakdown_thumbnail

The Occian Back is designed solely for the specialized needs of the multi-system trauma patient in the ICU. Universally sized, specifically engineered and designed with advanced, Intuitech pressure-relieving memory foam, the Occian Back helps caregivers manage c-spine patients who are at high risk of occipital breakdown. Clinical evaluations in leading trauma centers demonstrate that, by simply replacing the standard back of the Miami J or Miami Jr. with the Intuitech pressure-relieving foam of the Occian Back, medical professionals can virtually eliminate occipital breakdown for multi-system trauma patients, without sacrificing c-spine stability.

Universal Size easy fit for any Miami J neck collar.

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