AQUACAST Water Resistant Long Arm Cast Padding Kit

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Aquacast Waterproof Long Arm Padding Kit

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Aquacast Waterproof Cast Padding for a Long Arm Cast.

Aquacast is the original waterproof cast padding. It was originally invented by Gore the maker of the Gortex liner. The material is often used in ski coats. 

Aquacast (formerly Gore Procel cast has stood the test of time and is a favorite among many of our doctors.

Having your arm in a cast can make doing everyday tasks extremely difficult. If you ever break your arm a waterproof cast is now an option. This will keep your cast clean and germ-free. AquaCast (formerly Gore Procel) waterproof cast liner can be used under a fiberglass cast to make it completely waterproof.

 You can now swim, bathe, shower, and wash the car all while having a waterproof cast. Traditional casts would be soaking wet and build up germs and begin to smell. Gore Procel has been discontinued now for a few years. AquaCast has become a leading alternative in waterproof casting.

AquaCast Cast Liner would recommend it to others. AquaCast is a unique waterproof, breathable cast padding that allows you to continue your normal routine at home and work without worrying about keeping your cast dry. 

Used in place of cotton underneath a fiberglass cast, AquaCast Liner allows you to:

Bathe or shower
Minimize cast odor and itching
Wash your hands 
Bathe your children 
Begin hydrotherapy 
Wash the dishes, the car, and the dog - without the hassle of trying to protect your cast from getting wet. 

When a fiberglass cast padded with AquaCast Cast Liner gets wet, most of the water drains quickly out of the ends of your cast. The remaining moisture is warmed by body heat, becomes vapor, and passes through the Cast Liner and fiberglass casting tape. No special drying is necessary. Clinical experience throughout the country confirms AquaCast Liner patients value the freedom of being able to get their cast wet. 98% of patients who have used AquaCast cast liner would recommend it to others.

*This product should be applied by a trained medical professional or for educational training. Always consult a doctor before use. Note: A waterproof cast is an alternative to traditional casting materials that cannot get wet. If a traditional cast gets wet, it is ruined and must be removed immediately. However, this does not mean that you can get your waterproof cast wet all day long and not allow a drying period. We recommend that you allow a drying period between wetting times such as bathing or swimming. A hairdryer on a low setting can speed up the process, but body heat needs to evaporate the remaining damp water inside the cast. This allows the patient to get a cast wet, and not be ruined. However, the cast still needs a drying time that will vary by person and cast type between wet periods to achieve full dryness.

What is the difference between OrthoTape NEAL, AquaCast, and Delta Dry?

The three main differences are:
  • OrthoTape NEAL is an easy one-piece design. It also has more breathability and does not pool water at the elbow or heel of the foot.
  • AquaCast has been around for a while now and many doctors are familiar with it.
  • Delta Dry, is a lightweight material that can dry fast and is easy to apply.
Will my Doctor put this on for me?
It usually depends on the doctor as to whether they want you to be in a waterproof cast. Usually, you will ask one and they may say no, and you ask another and they are happy to apply it for you. So it is best to ask around to get the right doctors as they all differ in opinion. Let your doctor know you will be compliant with all instructions and take care of the waterproof cast. If you do find a doctor that is willing to work with you. Let us know as we are compiling a list and can share it with others like you.

Why don't doctors already carry this item?
It may be they are not familiar with it. It could also be due to space in the office for inventory. Or it could simply be it is not covered by many insurances, so it is an out-of-pocket cost. Either way, you can always take it to them or have us ship it directly to their office for your visit. Please let your doctor know about us so they can tell their other patients about us.

How long does it take to dry and do I use soap to clean it?
The cast can dry to touch in as little as 1/2 hour to an hour. It should be completely dry in under 12 to 24 hours. It is recommended that you give yourself one day's rest in between getting wet times to allow your skin to dry out better. To dry it faster, you can just use a hair dryer on a low setting or check out our cast cooler. It gets the cast dry super fast. To clean just use gentle soap and if does begin to stink, you can soak it in a mixture of 1 cup hydrogen peroxide to 1 gallon water strength. You can also mix in 1/3 cup of rubbing alcohol if you want to kill any bacteria in the cast. 

How fast can you ship it?
We ship super fast, same day by 3 PM EST. At the checkout, you will be able to upgrade your shipping to faster options. It is best to get it in advance of your doctor's appointment rather than the day of. Always plan and get the supplies you need sooner than you need them. True you may need to do Overnight, but it is better to have the supplies in hand 1-2 days before the appointment.

Can you swim in salt water or chlorine with the cast?
Yes,  The cast is designed to handle both salt water and chlorine.  Always remember to flush it with clean water to remove the salt or chlorine.

What comes with the waterproof cast kit?
AquaCast waterproof padding kits come with a roll of padding that is put on first. Then a Saw Stop strip is applied to help protect the patient during cast removal.  The casting tape (the hard shell) is the outer shell of the cast.

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